LED Video Displays

High performance, commercial grade, direct view LED displays with pixel pitches for everything, from the highest-resolution MicroLED video walls for cinema and on-camera applications, to the biggest sports venue video boards and touch-based displays for collaborative spaces. Whether it’s a high-resolution display for the front of a conference room or classroom, a digital sign in a retail store, or a poolside video wall for outdoor movies. We have  LED displays to suit every application.

Stage LED Lights

For a wide range of different applications, the wisest choice would be LED lights. LED bulbs use a large number of individual diodes, rather than a single light bulb. Because of these diodes, LED fixtures have far superior color-mixing capabilities compared to tungsten lights, which rely on gel filters to achieve the same effects. LED lighting consumes less power, lowering operating costs, and they produce much less heat compared to tungsten lighting. LED lighting keeps the environment cooler, offering a safer option.

LED Digital Poster Display (Totem)

Create sophisticated, eye-catching promotional displays with a Digital Display Totem. It is a free-standing, single-sided digital advertising board which can support both image slideshows and videos – with or without sound – giving your messages a modern appearance and helping them stand out.





Customer´s Testimonials

Quality technology in LED screens. Very satisfied with the result in my conference room. Thanks

The customer attention was magnificent when purchasing via WhatsApp. The installation was precise and fast.

A custom installation just the size I needed for my meeting room. The screen definition is optimal.

Adequate and convenient prices both on the screen and in the installation. I recommend your efficiency and kindness.

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